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Carol was born and raised in Houston, Texas.  A night owl from birth, she would secretly stay up and watch all the jazz and comedy greats on The Tonight Show.  Never a napper, her clever mother allowed her to sit quietly on her bed drawing and colouring in lieu of sleeping.  

Wanderlust was ingrained at an early age when she accompanied her father whose business frequently took him overseas. 


She received her B.F.A. degree from University of Southern California and accidentally began a career in advertising when she took a job as a photographer for an oilfield services company.  Following 10 years in that field and another 7 in the dark and bizarre world of administrative office work, she founded Daydream Publications which has become a way to funnel her various interests into unique projects.


Her book, "The Art of Dreaming", was purchased by Brown University's Rockefeller Library for their collection.  She lives in beautiful British Columbia with her dreamy musician/beekeeper husband and their magical flying dogs.



Daydream Publications



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